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Jul 18th, 2019


There's plenty of open-air entertainment on offer as we head into July. The fiestas in honour of the Virgen del Carmen dominate, an occasion celebrated right along the coast as images of the Virgen are carried out to sea on fishing boats, usually accompanied by a flotilla of smaller boats. It's not the easiest of fiestas to observe as the marine acts take place out ....

Culture Lifestyle

Jun 21st, 2019

The dancing egg doing its thing at the Cathedral of Barcelona

Corpus Christi & "Ou com Balla" (20th June to 23rd June) The Corpus Christi celebration is one of the oldest in Barcelona, dating back to the 14th century. It always takes place 60 days after Easter Sunday so the date varies each year. In 2019 you can enjoy all the activities related to Corpus Christi from June 20th to June 23rd. The highlight is the ....

Culture Lifestyle

May 17th, 2019

Balconies, windows and grills Spain

Balconies and Window grilles competition Cordoba May 2019 On the occasion of the Patio Fest, there is another contest bringing the beauty of splendid flowerage to the streets of Cordoba's historic district: The annual Balconies and Window Grilles Contest. This tradition is another highlight among major activities accounting for the so-called Mayo cordobés (May in Cordoba). The contest is dedicated to choosing the most beautifully ....

Culture Lifestyle

Apr 22nd, 2019

Feria Internacional de los Pueblos Fuengirola

Feria Internacional de los Pueblos Fuengirola, April 30 – May 5 2019 Fuengirola, a coastal town near Málaga, will host the 25th International People's Fair, where people and cultures from 30 different countries merge. This year, the Canadian and Estonian federations will join the Feria. Breath taking new embroidered cloaks to debut in the Lorca Over 10,000 hours of work went into 2 new cloaks ....

Culture Lifestyle

Mar 15th, 2019


With Easter falling late this year, the spectacular Carnival celebrations in Águilas and elsewhere in the Region have coincided with the peak of the Floración in Cieza, where swathes of the countryside turn into a riot of colour as the fruit orchards burst into blossom. To accompany these springtime highlights, in the city of Murcia the temperature rose to 27.8 degrees on Sunday afternoon and ....

Culture Lifestyle

Feb 18th, 2019

carnival Easter

This week the weather has been gorgeous and most of those who live here will agree that the period between February and June when the summer heat kicks in, is the best time of year by far. With temperatures in the mid 20's, there's no better time to get out there and explore the many facets of Spain. There are companies running paid tours to ....

Culture Lifestyle

Feb 18th, 2019

Airport San Javier

San Javier set to make history The passenger terminal at the now-defunct Murcia-San Javier airport is to be turned into a museum for historic aircraft. Free TV in hospitals from February 2019 THE REGIONAL government is spending €1.2 million to ensure that patients will be able to watch television in public hospitals without having to pay for the service. From 15 February, getting sick will ....

Culture Lifestyle

Jan 18th, 2019

Corvera Airport

Corvera airport opens! Life in Murcia was back to near-normal this week after the end of the festive season, with two main topics dominating the news in the regional press:At Corvera airport, meanwhile, there have been a host of items catching the eye in the last few days before the first commercial flight arrives from East Midlands and King Felipe VI officially declares the facility ....

Culture Lifestyle

Dec 16th, 2018

With temperatures of up to 25 degrees and bright sunshine raising hopes of Christmas picnics on the beach this year, and with the fabulous weather forecast this is definitely a time to try to put the shopping on the back burner and enjoy the great outdoors with the Feast of the Immaculate conception in Spain! Saturday 8th December was another holiday all over Spain (the ....

Culture Lifestyle

Nov 14th, 2018


Wine is very much on the menu this month as the wine production of this year's harvest is in full swing in November the bodegas in our D.O wine producing areas are running special activities with open days, guided tours and tastings. (The mainstream quality wine regions in Spain are referred to as Denominaciones de Origen and the wine they produce is regulated for quality ....


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