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Nov 14th, 2018

Spain News

Rising fuel prices still pushing the retail price index upwards The latest provisional data published by the Spanish government's central statistics unit on Tuesday show that the annual inflation rate in October was 2.3 per cent, the same as in the definitive report for the previous month.The rate has been at between 2.1 and 2.3 per cent since May of this year, remaining steady at ....

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Oct 12th, 2018

Spain in top 10 places to buy

Spain keeps its top spot in the 10 Best Places to Buy in 2018 and its dominance has got even stronger in the past year. As security fears linger elsewhere in Europe, and some British buyers are keen to make their move abroad before Brexit, Spain has been the main winner. Tourism is booming, airlift grows and the property market continues to improve, although prices ....

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Sep 24th, 2018

And the facts don't lie – the number of mortgages granted in Spain this April soared by 34% year-on-year. The average mortgage value also rose by 9.1% to €123,256, while the amount of capital loaned increased by 46.5% to €3.54 billion. And according to Spain's Statistical Office, Andalucia was the region with the second-highest amount of mortgages (5,154) after Madrid (6,018).They were followed by Catalunya ....

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Aug 17th, 2018

Notaries report minimal Spanish property sales

House prices are undoubtedly rising, but in most places they are still a long way off their peaks in 2007/8. But is there really a cause for concern? They are rarely in double digit growth outside of Madrid, which has become an incredibly hot location.It means prices are not yet rising at a speculative or unsustainable rate. For now, the trend towards moderately rising prices ....

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Jun 15th, 2018

While the headlines in Spain have focused almost exclusively on Pedro Sánchez's first week as Prime Minister and the naming of his cabinet ministers, in Murcia the topic attracting most attention have been, once again, the new airport in Corvera. At Corvera the first commercial flights will operate on Tuesday 15th January, according to Jaime García Legaz, the president of management company Aena, and although ....

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May 12th, 2018

Pick-up in credit growth

A pick-up in credit growth, low borrowing costs and strong employment gains should buttress household spending this year. Similarly, an upbeat outlook for the domestic economy and relatively robust momentum in the Eurozone are expected to support fixed investment this year, especially in equipment and machinery. Export-oriented sectors should also continue reaping the benefits of increased competitiveness this year, a trend that could, however, be ....

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Feb 16th, 2018

Spain’s economy has enjoyed three exceptionally good years, growing at rates above 3%. This growth rate will probably ease in 2018 although it will still be one of the highest in the advanced economies according to all analysts’ forecasts. The real estate sector is on track to consolidate its expansion in 2018. House price trends are a good example of this. Q3 growth in house ....

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Dec 18th, 2017

Banko De España

The Bank of Spain (Banco de España) published their latest estimates on the growth and inflation for the next 2 years. Key Details:Sees growth of 2.4% in 2018Sees growth of 2.1% in 2019.Reduction in growth forecasts for 2018, 2019 are due to the Catalonia issue.Sees inflation at 2.0% in 2017.Sees inflation at 1.5% in 2018.Catalonia-slowdown impact not significant to 2017 numbers. Separately, Spanish Economy Minister ....

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Dec 6th, 2017

Spain will recover

The IMF's "World Economic Outlook", published in October, confirms that Spain will recover this year all the GDP growth lost during the economic crisis, exceeding in 2017 for the first time the volume of growth in 2008. While the impact of heightened uncertainty over Catalonia remains to be seen, the Spanish economy fared well throughout Q3. Recent data points to a bounce back in growth ....

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Oct 20th, 2017

It was reported last week that the number of people visiting Spain from abroad during August was 10.43 million, the highest monthly figure ever reported, and it therefore comes as no surprise that the amount of money they spent while in this country also reached previously uncharted territory at 11,342 million euros during the month. Tourism accounts for approximately 11 per cent of Spain’s GDP, ....


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