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Property Buying Market Conditions

Apr 16th, 2017

Property market in Spain

The property market in Spain has been a hot topic of discussion this year, even more so in the run-up to Brexit. However, now that the dust has begun to settle and the implications of the referendum aren’t looking as critical as the media initially perceived, it’s time to focus on Spain and what’s next for the property market. Hart Property have noticed a significant ....

Property Buying Market Conditions

Jan 4th, 2017

Spanish Property Market

Hart Property together with our partners Bankinter forecast that the demand for residential property will increase over the next 18 months, to reach a volume of 470,000 sales for the year in 2017. Great News This is great news for anyone wishing to sell. We have already seen that the time it takes to sell a property in many areas is being reduced by around ....

Property Buying

Dec 6th, 2016

Hart Insurance

Don't wait until you have moved in before you have sorted out your home insurance. Your buildings insurance should be in place at the point you exchange contracts with the seller of the property, as this is when you become legally obliged to buy. Even with contents insurance, you will need to make sure you have your policy in place BEFORE you start moving all ....

Property Buying

Nov 13th, 2016

Moors Christians

MORTGAGE NEWS We are now seeing another record low for interest rates as mortgage lending grows Eurozone mortgage base rates hit a record low in October, making this the ninth consecutive month of negative rates. Every month the SPI House Price Index Tracker plots the progress of the seven most-watched house price indexes in Spain, and puts them all on. Tinsa – Spain's leading appraisal ....

Spain is no exception. Every month the SPI (Spanish Property Insight) House Price Index Tracker plots information provided by: • REGISTRARS – Using information based upon property sales that have occurred more than once for the same property in the period of study and ignores all others. • NOTARIES – Using information based upon all home sales handled by them. • GOVERNMENT & INE - The ....

Property Buying

Mar 21st, 2016

Recent improvement in the news coming from the Spanish property market show the latest figures are ALL positive. Due to the stable conditions of the housing market we are seeing the steady growth in demand from overseas buyers for property in Spain. The increasing number of new buyers is largely due to a number of positive factors, one being the Spanish banks' willingness to offer ....

Property Buying

Mar 9th, 2016

Look to Spain for bargain properties as the housing crisis comes to an end, say experts. Don't imagine it as a dream, you really can buy a home in the sun: As the pound trounces the euro, a property in the euro zone is 45% cheaper than it was before the crash! Home Sales are on the riseSpanish home sales have risen year-on-year 9% and ....


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