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Pazo de Meirás

A judge in Spain's Galicia region has ruled that the Spanish state is the rightful owner of a rural property held for over 80 years by the family of the late dictator Francisco Franco. Franco's descendants must now relinquish the Pazo de Meirás without any compensation for the maintenance costs that they claim to have had over the course of eight decades. The family is ....

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Sep 7th, 2020

Bankia - Caixa

Bankia and CaixaBank are considering a merger that would create the biggest lender in Spain, the banks said in a Thursday statement to the securities market watchdog CNMV. The new bank would hold €650 billion in assets, although it would lack the international presence of other Spanish lenders such as Santander and BBVA. The move comes amid a general consolidation process in the Spanish banking ....


Aug 19th, 2020

Pool for all tastes

The summer heat returns, and also a new work by the artist based in France, Benedetto Bufalino. After the aquarium tractor or the disco concrete mixer comes a pool on the bus, the evolution of the mobile pool in the caravan .On this occasion, it was sponsored by Euralens , an agency in the metropolitan area of Artois, in northern France. They have been developing ....

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Aug 19th, 2020

Hart Covid-19

The confinement caused by the covid-19 has instigated more than one citizen to rethink the type of home they want to live in. And after several months with low sales and buyer activity, due mainly to the lockdown making viewings all but impossible, August presents itself as a very good month to buy and sell. We have noticed an increase in requests for houses, penthouses, ....

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Jul 15th, 2020

Hart Property Office Worker on the beach

With the coronavirus crisis keeping employees out of the office, many are escaping the heat in second residences on the coast and in the mountains The coronavirus crisis has normalised teleworking in Spain. Now, as the temperature begins to rise, many workers have begun looking for a place to take refuge from the July heat, where they can continue to work remotely. Almost all, regardless ....

Culture Lifestyle

Jul 15th, 2020

How to survive summer in Spain: Air conditioning or fans? As the thermometer starts to soar, EL PAÍS looks at the advantages and disadvantages of each device with respect to both environmental and health factors Fans or air conditioning, that is the question – one that resurfaces every summer in Spain when thermometers soar and we can't get away from the stifling heat.The fan, of ....

May 30th, 2020

Alphonse 'scarface' Capone's Miami Beach mansion remains on sale for almost 10 years. The property of the famous American gangster, one of the oldest in the Palm Avenue area, has an area of 2,780 m2 and is currently priced at almost $ 13 million , about 11.8 million euros, at the current exchange rate. Capone acquired the home in 1928 , six years after its ....

May 30th, 2020

This is one of the oldest cultivated flowers of the world and is appreciated for its decorative appearance, attractive fragrance and long lasting blooming period. The relation of this flower to the tradition of Spain is what makes the Red carnation the national flower of Spain. It is locally known as clavel. The scientific name of the red carnation is Dianthus caryophyllus. The scientific name ....

Culture Lifestyle

Mar 8th, 2020

March Fiestas in Spain

Spring has almost arrived, and folk music fills the air in most city squares, some the best March Festivals include the Sant Medir in Barcelona, the Las Fallas in Valencia and the burial of the sardine in Andalucia. For lovers of traditional flamenco and folk music the Jerez Flamenco festival is one not to miss. Jerez comes alive each March with the colour and sounds ....

Leslie Hart

As you may have noticed Hart Property Articles and mail out was missing from your inbox for two months. Unfortunately we have to report the sad demise in January of our Senior Director Leslie Hart. Leslie will be greatly missed by Hart Property but of course mostly by his family and friends. The Hart family would like to thank everyone who has sent such wonderful ....


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