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Jun 15th, 2018

While the headlines in Spain have focused almost exclusively on Pedro Sánchez's first week as Prime Minister and the naming of his cabinet ministers, in Murcia the topic attracting most attention have been, once again, the new airport in Corvera. At Corvera the first commercial flights will operate on Tuesday 15th January, according to Jaime García Legaz, the president of management company Aena, and although ....

Culture Lifestyle

May 16th, 2018

crosses of may

The positioning of crosses dressed with flowers in the streets, accompanied by traditional folk music and dancing has been undertaken here for centuries and nowhere is it more evident this weekend than in Cartagena where hostelries, peñas and local associations set up crosses, live music and bars out in the streets, celebrating the Crosses of May in a lively and festive atmosphere. This is also ....

Market Conditions Banks Investment

May 12th, 2018

Pick-up in credit growth

A pick-up in credit growth, low borrowing costs and strong employment gains should buttress household spending this year. Similarly, an upbeat outlook for the domestic economy and relatively robust momentum in the Eurozone are expected to support fixed investment this year, especially in equipment and machinery. Export-oriented sectors should also continue reaping the benefits of increased competitiveness this year, a trend that could, however, be ....

Apr 13th, 2018

Burial of the Sardine

This week the Spain has been recovering from the rash of activities across the Easter weekend, but in the capital city the Spring Fiestas have filled the gardens and parks of the city with outdoor tapas gardens and the streets with parades and activities. This weekend the celebrations come to an end, but if you'd like to enjoy the most traditional Spanish tapas, then there's ....

Apr 13th, 2018

Hart Property BBVA

BBVA Research stressed that the international scenario remains favorable for the Spanish economy. The improvement in the growth prospects, both at a global and, especially at European level, will further fuel growth in Spain, thanks to the country's export diversification; oil prices remain low – despite recent increases – and the risk premium also remains relatively low. Internally, fiscal policy will maintain a virtually neutral ....

Culture Lifestyle

Mar 22nd, 2018

Biblical Processions

From the middle of February to the middle of April, the Murcian municipality of Cieza is transformed into a sea of sweet smelling pink and white as La Floración fills the orchards surrounding this attractive, riverside town. Cieza is one of the prettiest, yet least known corners of Murcia, with a rich history of habitation, its flat fertile valleys and winding river overlooked by high ....

Mar 22nd, 2018

Holy Week

Holy Week, Semana Santa, in Andalucia is an event that literally transforms towns and cities across this region. Processions of elaborately decorated floats with Jesus and Mary statues, groups of pointy-hood wearing Nazarenos (penitents), and shrill brass bands, walk slowly through the streets, from their parish church to the cathedral and back. It is an amazing experience, and a great time to come to Andalucia ....

Culture Lifestyle

Feb 16th, 2018

This week there’s only one word that counts and that’s Carnival!! (or carnival if you’re Spanish!) In spite of the nippy air, tens of thousands of Murcianos are going to rip off their clothes, don a few sequins and feathers and dance in the streets, with parties and parades all over the region. This weekend is the first of two weekends of partying, and you’ll ....

Market Conditions Banks Investment

Feb 16th, 2018

Spain’s economy has enjoyed three exceptionally good years, growing at rates above 3%. This growth rate will probably ease in 2018 although it will still be one of the highest in the advanced economies according to all analysts’ forecasts. The real estate sector is on track to consolidate its expansion in 2018. House price trends are a good example of this. Q3 growth in house ....

Culture Lifestyle

Jan 12th, 2018

Semana Santa - Hart Property

1. The Holy Week (Semana Santa) The Holy Week, which takes place during Easter, is an entire week filled with processions and other religious celebrations. Even if you are not a religious person in any way, it's an event that you should visit at least once, the most impressive festivities are always expected during the Semana Santa in Seville and the Holy Week in Malaga. The brotherhoods ....


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