Whats on in Spain June 2019

Fri, Jun 21st, 2019

The dancing egg doing its thing at the Cathedral of Barcelona

Corpus Christi & “Ou com Balla”

Corpus Christi & "Ou com Balla" (20th June to 23rd June)

The Corpus Christi celebration is one of the oldest in Barcelona, dating back to the 14th century. It always takes place 60 days after Easter Sunday so the date varies each year. In 2019 you can enjoy all the activities related to Corpus Christi from June 20th to June 23rd. The highlight is the outdoor mass on Sunday in front of the Cathedral and the main parade that starts straight after.

This is a very religious activity but, also, a great opportunity to see the Giants and beasts of the city. You can enjoy the dancing of these big paper-mâché dolls whose origin goes back to medieval times and this very same parade.

Talk about when Corpus arrives to Barcelona is, however, the "Ou com balla", literally, "the dancing egg". About a dozen fountains in the city get decorated with flowers and cherries while at the top of the spurting water, an egg is placed and it will dance during the 4-day celebration. This strange tradition started at the fountain of the Cathedral cloister and the theories about its meaning and many and varied.

June 2019 Festivals

If you love beach parties the San Juan fiesta festival is for you. It is usually celebrated the last weekend in June each year up and down the coastal areas of Spain most notably in Andalucia where the warm temperature makes for a perfect all night party. This ancient pagan festival is now legendary for its all night long beach party of music, dance and fun. The night is all about fire and water, where young and old congregate to build fires and enjoy the night. According to tradition to be cleansed and purified you must jump over the fire three times.
Romeria de Rocio

El Rocio de Huelva

The famous spectacle that is the Romeria de Rocio is held after Easter so usually falls in June each year. This famous colourful and dusty pilgrimage pays homage to the Virgen del Rocio and is one of Andalucias largest religious festivals.


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